The Half

26 Apr 2012

You are stink in the morning

You seldom brush your teeth before you sleep

You dont like to wake up early

Even though you woke up early but then slept again

You are not a tidy chap

You left coffee mugs everywhere

You forgot your snacks sachets at every corner of the house

I could find your dirty tissues and serviettes everywhere

So easy to find your dirty clothes everywhere

You dont clean kitchen nicely after cooking

You are cranky if you miss my food

You are not the best joker but I have to laugh

You made me in tears at so many times

I hate you so many times when the butterflies start to pop around

You are not the best man like Superman or Batman


You will always text me for what I need at your groceries time

You will remember to grab spices wherever you went as I like it

You will try to cook for me when my appetite disappeared

You will try to pick dress for me at your lousy taste4ae1d55ded24b3e0b31742be507ae4d9_wedding-bw

You will try to hold my hand every time

You will try to lift my spirit up when I am down

Again you will try to make a joke to cheer me up

You will try to be the best man you could for me

Even though not every time you could make it

I dont have Superman or Batman

but I have you the half.

( Thank you Panda )

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