Me and thousand things

8 Aug 2011

Me = Me + power generator(genset)

hardly get tired

will be on bed if feeling sleepy only

easily get tired for shopping in the mall

loves checking out spices in a store

loves shopping groceries

brazilian acid jazz, lounge music, Earth Wind & Fire, Fourplay, Incognito, Phil Perry,Sergio Mendez, George Duke, Al Jerrau, Shakatak, Maysa Leak, Chaka Khan as comfort zone tones

weakness - could do thousand things at the same time

good stuff - dunno (sigh)

love sleeping till noon if someone doesn’t weak me up

loves sleeping diagonally if has to be alone

loves swimming and fast walking

loves coffee and mineral water

loves golden retriever and german sheperd

loves James Gandolfini, Nigella Lawson

loves dreaming

loves packing and travelling

hates unpacking after travelling

loves hugging

loves playing with my hair

loves hairy hands and legs

loves kis***g (censored )

would rather to stop on street to see a puppy than a hunk

and these are thethings made me feel filled :





Fashion Designing

Jewelries selections

Radio shows

Tarot reading





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